I was a wife and a busy Mom of three with many goals and in a blink of an eye everything changed. While working almost 10 years ago, I was injured and diagnosed with an incurable disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and over the last three years, I have been diagnosed with Migraines, Lyme Disease, and other unwanted symptoms and illness.

Living in chronic pain has brought many obstacles to my family, as well as taught me many things along the way. When faced with this life change, two choices presented itself; either lay down and let it win, or fight like hell to at least be the mom and wife I desperately wanted and needed to be.

From Workers Compensation, to tips and tricks of how to still maintain my household. I have gained a ton of knowledge a long the way. My main focus now, is to to let our community’s stories and poems be heard. To show regardless what life has thrown at them not only I chose to have an Unbroken Smile, but they do too!

I have a very strong faith and truly believe God only gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. If this site can help just one person, it’s doing it’s job!

– Elizabeth