About The Unbroken Smile

The Unbroken Smile is a site for all chronic pain, chronic illnesses, and anything else life has thrown at us to try to break us. We didn’t choose this life, unfortunately it chose us. Chronic pain and illness effects over 100 million people each year, regardless of our age, race, gender, or religion.

Our site was designed to bring us together regardless of what condition, situation, or illness we may have been diagnosed with. We all hold this connection of pain.. We are here to inspire each other, tell our stories, share our poems, share our advice, and lean on one another. Also, getting some much-needed tips and ideas along the way of how to cope and live each day in a world set out to dim our smile.

Our journey doesn’t have to be a sad story, we can use it to inspire others to keep going. We know when you’re in pain (both physically and emotionally) the last thing you think about is smiling, but smiling is so good for you and it gives you a sense of control. Because one of the hardest parts of being in pain is we don’t have any control.. not even of our own bodies.

 Take a minute and look around you, find one thing that makes you smile…did you find it? See, it takes a lot to break a smile and since we didn’t get a choice in our illnesses or life circumstances, we do get a choice to have an Unbroken Smile, to look past the pain that we so heavily endure each day.

 We come together asking for better treatment, understanding, and awareness of our conditions and situations. We are not here to compete with each other of who has it worse, but we come here knowing we have found someone else that knows what we are going through.

We have been through a lot, but we have chosen to have an Unbroken Smile and we choose no matter what our situation, we will use it to better our lives and not destroy it!