Jellybeans Poem – Being Bonded By Chronic Pain

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We are brothers and sisters bonded together by pain,
though not everyone’s is quite the same.
This is where the Jellybeans come in,
they make you smile instead of grin.

A Jellybean is something that makes you smile,
makes the things increasing your pain all worth while..
It can be a person or thing that gets you through,
when your meds aren’t working and you don’t know what to do.

A Jellybean is personal for no two are the same,
they lift your spirits as you cope with your pain.
When your tired and worn out and feel like you just can’t go on,
take out your Jellybean and let your worries be gone.

Jellybeans come in all colors and shapes,
think of what your Jellybean is, act now, don’t hesitate.
When you’re up all night and mind won’t shut down,
Jellybeans can keep you focused with both feet on the ground.

Everyone has someone telling them what they should do,
what will make you feel better when they haven’t a clue.
I just keep my mouth shut and try not to be mean,
all I really need is my Jellybean.

– From The Chronicles of The Insomniac Writer

About the Author:

My name is Brian McGrath and I am a Chronic Pain Warrior. I suffer from chronic pain due to a failed back surgery with instrumentation. Neuropathy, Disc Degenerative Disease, Depression, as well as pain from other surgical procedures that were necessary due to my fall at work. I am currently 45 and disabled unable to work again from a work related accident that occurred when I was 39. Throughout all of this I feel my daughter has suffered the most. She was only 7 when this happened to me and I was unable to do a lot of the things that a father should do with his child. She and I both missed out on memories to be made due to this.

Jellybeans Poem \ Being Bonded By Chronic Pain