11 Must Have Items For Chronic Pain | Flare Kit For Chronic Pain

11 Must Have Items For Chronic Pain | Flare Kit For Chronic Pain | Must Haves For Fibro | Must Haves for CRPS | Must Haves for High Pain Day

11 Must Have Items For Chronic Pain | Flare Kit For Chronic Pain – We all have those days that are worse than others with chronic pain and one thing I have found is on those days I need to be prepared. Here are 11 of my must haves for my bad flare days. 

1. Favorite Movies/ TV Shows / Good Book – I love comedies, anything to make me laugh especially when I don’t feel like laughing. I also love a good TV series, I record a ton of shows so I can binge watch them on my bad days. Sometimes even curling up with a good book can help.

2. Healthy Food/ Comfort Food – Loading myself with healthy anti-inflammatory foods can help, but sometime I just crave a nice plate of comfort food or a warm cup of tea.

3. Heating pad/ Ice pack – In the winter, I use my heating pad a lot! With chronic pain comes lots of widespread pain, sometimes in various places and then I will resort to an ice pack.

4. Comfortable Clothes and Socks – I have a ton of comfortable light weight clothes and use lots of layers and live in my fuzzy socks.

5. Soft Blankets – Sometimes you just need a soft blanket to curl up with and I have a nice selection.

6. Neck Pillow – Besides all my regular pillows, I use a neck pillow a lot. My newest pains are in my neck and I have found a couple of styles that seem to help.

7. Cell phone/ Laptop – Whether it’s playing games or connecting with others that are going through similar situations my phone and laptop are my lifelines when pain is high.

8. Break Thru Medicine – My break thru meds are so important along with some topical ointments, CBD Oil, essential oils (ID number 823774), and my Oska Pulse. I don’t know if I could make it through a flare without these!

9. A Friend To Talk To– Someone that understands you just need to talk to someone when you’re having a bad day. Sometimes I just call my best friend and have her talk to get my mind off the pain and listen to what’s going on in her life. Most of the time she can just tell by the tone of my voice I’m not having a good day and she always knows what to say to cheer me up.

10. Crock pot or Instapot – When I’m having a bad day the last thing I want to do is cook. I do a lot of make ahead freezer meals so on these types of days all I have to do is take it out of the freezer and dump it in my crock pot.

11. Mattress Topper/ Electric Blanket– A good mattress and mattress pad are important for so many reasons. Last winter I invested in a heated mattress pad and it is so nice. Sometimes when my pain is really bad I can’t use blankets and this keeps me warm. Other times when I can use a blanket  use an electric blanket, it helps keep me warm and my muscles relaxed.

Do you have chronic pain? What kind of must have items would you include in a flare kit?