Poem About Brain Hemorrhage and Stroke | I See Me

Poem About Brain Hemorrhage and Stroke | I See Me

I See Me

When I look in the mirror, I see me.
But when I look closer, I don’t really feel me.
My passions, my thoughts, my dreams, I recall,
Now locked far away behind a glass wall.

I remember the moment my life took a turn,
and all these new things I then had to learn.
With sadness, and sorrow, and anger, and fear,
I tried every day to make this all clear.

But the struggle at times is destroying,
On a path feeling helpless and alone.
Suffering, tiredness, and pain,
Confusion to blame.
Reach out, ask for help, make it known!
No more can we do this,
we have to stand up and fight!
Say goodbye to the darkness and turn on the light.

To the person inside, who I feel hitched a ride,
we can only do this if were on the same side.
So forgetting our anger, our sadness, and fears,
Becoming one on our journey and drying our tears.

It’s our only step forward to become who we are,
To accept all our losses, and with greatness we soar.
Only then, can we look in the mirror and see,
and finally feel one, feel free…feel me!!

By: Jane Foster

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Jane Foster 42 years old from Rossendale, nearly 11 yr ago I had a brain hemorrhage/stroke, they found a Cavernoma in my brain-stem which had burst. I was left with lots of deficits, and it was inoperable at the time, so I had to live with it. Then 6 years after I had another small bleed, which left me with severe nerve pain in my legs Neuropathy/CPS. 4 years later after my deficits were getting worse and my Cavernoma started to grow, I found an amazing surgeon willing to operate. In January 2016, I had brain-stem surgery to remove it, it was successful! But my nerve pain is so much worse and I also have it in the right side of my face, which is so painful. I have 2 children, amazing sisters, a brother, and other family, who helped me through so much over the years. I’m so lucky to have them! I hope you like my poem.

Poem About Brain Hemorrhage and Stroke | I See Me