What is Life? | Poem About PTSD and Chronic Pain

what is life | Poem about PTSD and chronic pain

What is Life?

My life is what I make it.

Chronic pain is not going to take it.

I have my ups and downs

But try to turn my frown around.

Was diagnosed with PTSD and Depression.

But have a big suggestion.

Learn from what life deals up.

Because you will always have people who give a f#ck.

It is a sucky situation.

But all good things come from complication.

So this is my little ditty.

To set you straight, not ask for pity.

So when I cannot get out of my pajamas.

Don’t want to go and smell the flowers.

Please understand that I try to be.

The woman that I am proud to see.

By: Michelle Hopkins

About the Author:

“Hi, my name is Michelle. To start with I have been diagnosed with PTSD and Depression. Further more my neck has degenerative osteophytes impinging upon the CA and mildly squashing the cord on C4 C5 – disc herniation. Severe left-sided Foraminal Narrowing at the C5 C6 level. Impinging the exiting left C6 nerve root. So more nerve pain at the moment, more than anything, starting to lose strength and feeling in my hands. Pain is in my arms, shoulders, neck and top of back. Then my back Centrolateral disc herniation to the left of the midline at L4-5 with degenerative changes in the Facetal Joints at L4-5 and L5-S1 bilaterally. For the last 5 years I have not worked, but before that I worked as a Veterinary Nurse for 4 years in terrible pain. I tried to carry on, but it all got too much and I had a break down. I have always been very active and have worked hard. So my life now is, different.”

What is Life? | Poem About PTSD and Chronic Pain