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Please Read and Stay Tuned

After almost 5 years of building our website and brand, it’s hard to hear it’s all gone, just like that! Hackers, waiting to flood my site, our site, with encrypted files and ready to take everything I’ve/we’ve worked so hard for! I had backups, I had site protection, but it still was compromised. Every word, every article, every image…gone, just like that!

I had a choice, either feel sorry for myself and give up or I could start over. Besides, these hackers obviously didn’t get the memo that The Unbroken Smile is in fact unbreakable.  So here I am, starting from scratch, every letter forming a word to create a story.  My story, your story, creating a voice for those of us with chronic pain, chronic illness, and anything else that life may have thrown at us to try to break us. Am I mad? Hell ya, I am! But this time around I have learned so much! I guess this gives our site a chance to be better than it was before! An opportunity for growth and a new beginning, besides isn’t that what we all crave sometimes? A do over?

Stay tuned… our next adventure is just getting started! Thank you once again for all your support!